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Waiting and Waiting

So hey guys!
Sorry that you have to wait so long for a new entry but we`re still waiting for an answer fromour appications for a place where we can built a real fansite not only a blog.
So we have to wait and hope to get one place.^^

We read that Kevin has a could and hope he will get well soon!

Short entry but you will hear soon something from us!^^


Moni & Miez am 6.1.12 11:36

Happy New Year

Wow it`s so crazy but yeah, 2011 is gone and 2012 comes. In Korea, Japan there are only 3 hours until the new year will begin. So I think it`s time to say Happy New year guys. Good luck and best wishes for the new year. Here in europe we have to wait 11 hours till midnight! We hope that we will see you soon in the new year!
Moni & Miez am 31.12.11 12:59

Twitter & Facebook we`re online

Soo guys we`re finishd and have to tell you that we`re know online on Twitter and Facebook. Sure, we have to work a lot on the accounts give more informations and everything , but we are there!  *lucky*

We willl work on but wish you all a happy new year and good luck!

Moni & Miez am 31.12.11 00:48

Welcome on our UKiss Fanblog

Welcome on our UKiss Fanblog

At the moment we are  working on this Blog and our Layout. We hope that we will finish the biggest work till the end of the year. Be sure that we won`t forget to fullfill our mission and wait for news.

 Thank you very much!

Moni am 25.12.11 20:00

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